What's the best time to post Reels on Instagram to get more views

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New Member
Jan 23, 2024
SMM has long become a separate science, and the behavior of people on the Internet are engaged in entire scientific institutes that conduct entire studies. And as it turns out, there are a lot of interesting things here, and there are no little things at all. There are many different factors that influence how users will perceive the content. There is the format, the idea, the script, and the tone of voice, if we are talking about brands and companies. After unsuccessful publications, their shares can fall in value, and people can get a wave of hatred. And seemingly over something completely innocuous. And the timing of content posting plays an important role here too.

Why it is important to choose the right time to publish Rils on Instagram
The right time to publish posts (photos, rils and stories) is of great importance for the promotion of your profile. Judge for yourself, if you post it when the audience of the social network is far from the peak of its activity, then far fewer people will see it.
And this will have the most negative impact on reach, engagement, and views.

Knowing the right time to post is also important if you want to take the most out of Instagram's algorithms.If your content curls, it will be a major achievement that will have the most positive impact on profile promotion.
And if the posts are regularly posted at the right time, audience engagement and traffic to your page will be constant. From the reactions and comments too.And this is a direct way to the tops.

And we'll talk about all of this further. And even about when you shouldn't post at all.
What time to post Reels on Instagram
Audience segmentation can be done on a very large number of parameters.

In this respect, each audience is unique. And this means that the time of interaction with it will also be unique in each case. Let's tell you what influences this and what to pay attention to when choosing the time to publish content.

The best time to publish Reels depending on geoposition
It is logical to assume that audiences in different countries behave differently. This is what you need to base your content on. The number of Instagram users is about a billion. This is really a lot - more than 10% of the entire population of the Earth. Therefore, taking into account the time zone when posting content is not only desirable, but simply vital. Belts have a huge impact on peak user activity.
After all, if you post content when users are asleep, some of them will simply lose it in the morning among many other publications. And not everyone has the patience and time to scroll through the entire feed 100% of the time.

This is already a disadvantage in coverage and volition.

Another reason to understand the geo-positioning of your audience is that there is a direct link to the type of content you publish. This is especially true for local and regional marketing. Matching your products and services to the location of your audience is key to success.

Fortunately, all the information is in the app - you don't have to dance around with a tambourine and use special software that will collect all the statistics. In order to find out where your subscribers are physically located, you need to switch to your business account. After that, you will be able to see the cities and countries where your audience lives.

To do this, go to the "Statistics" section and then to "Total Subscribers". You'll get to a screen with audience data. Here you need to find the "Top Locations" item, where you'll find statistics by city and country. Exactly what we needed.