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    Here you can find both free articles and use the services of verified sellers. It is recommended to conduct any transactions through the forum Middleman!

    P.S. Be careful, there are a lot of scammers with fake accounts. AdultHunters administration will never ask you for your login or password from any service!

Guarantee service to conduct a safe transaction on the forum.

Middleman is a person, an independent third party, who guarantees the safety of the transaction of selling something on the forum between the buyer and the seller.

The price of a Middleman service depends on the amount of the transaction:

  • Under 100$ : the Middleman has the right to either refuse the transaction due to the small amount, or request a fixed price of 10$
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  • From 100$ : the price of the Middleman (Middleman) service is 5% of the amount of the transaction
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Refund of the Middleman`s fee in case of cancellation of the transaction is impossible.

List of Middlemans of our forum:

Middleman Telegram
Middleman @AH_Middleman

The principle of the Middleman (IMPORTANT!)

  1. The person of the transaction contacts the Middleman and asks for the transaction.
  2. The Middleman gets the contacts of other people to add them to the group. (Never add the Middleman to your/other people's group!)
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  4. The buyer, having discussed the deal between the Middleman and the seller, transfers the funds to the Middleman (including the Middleman's payment)
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  6. Checking of the goods is at the discretion of the Middleman.
  7. The Middleman, having verified that the goods correspond to the description, transfers the goods to the buyer and the money to the seller.

The principle of how a Middleman works when buying/selling in-game items:

  1. Buyer transfers funds to the Middleman
  2. Seller transfers the items directly to the BUYER!
  3. The Middleman, having verified that the items have been received in the buyer's inventory, gives the funds to the seller
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The Middleman does not accept items on his account.

  • Garantor will not accept items on his account.