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1. Roles and statuses

1.1. Administrator - Managing general forum settings.

Appointment and management of moderators.

Solving technical problems and supporting users.

1.2. Moderator - Monitoring the forum for rule violations.

Removing spam and provocative messages.

Resolving conflicts between participants.

Maintaining order in discussions.

1.3. Section Moderator - Moderation of a specific section of the forum.

Monitoring activity in the section.

Resolving issues related to the content of a specific section.

1.4. Head Moderator - Coordinating the activities of moderators.

Resolving complex or controversial issues.

Communication with administrators regarding moderation issues.

Expanded powers compared to regular moderators.

Participation in the development and updating of forum rules.

1.5. Middleman - Help prevent fraud and unauthorized transactions.

Verifying the authenticity of participants and confirming their integrity.

Participating in the transaction process between two parties, ensuring that the terms of the transaction are carried out correctly.

Resolving possible conflicts or misunderstandings during the transaction.

Monitoring activity in sections where trading is conducted in order to detect potential violations.

1.6. Arbitrator - Research and analysis of the information provided to make a fair decision in the event of a dispute.

Maintaining high standards of neutrality and impartiality in decision making.

Avoidance of bias and support of any side.

Ensuring compliance with community rules.

Providing advice to participants on the interpretation of the rules and regulations of the forum.

Help in understanding procedures and conflict resolution procedures.

Responding to emergency situations and quickly resolving conflicts to prevent negative consequences.

Actively monitor discussions and activities of participants to prevent conflicts.

Taking action early to prevent the situation from escalating.

1.7. Contributor - Active participation in discussions and creation of quality content.

Adding information to enrich the forum.

Maintaining a positive atmosphere and helping other participants.

1.8. Newbie - New forum member.

It is possible to increase your status as you participate and are active on the forum.

1.9. Expert - Has a high level of knowledge in a particular field.

Help participants asking questions in an expert area.

Active participation in discussions and sharing experiences.

1.10. Premium User - May have premium status for a certain subscription or fee.

Has access to additional features or privileges.

1.11. Active Trader - Participates in trading operations and transactions on the forum.

May have additional rights to participate in trading sections.

A seller is a person or organization that has commercial authority to sell its goods/services.

1.12. Unreliable - a group of forum violators. This group includes people who cannot be trusted and are deprived of certain rights. The arbitrator adds the user to this group at his discretion.

1.13. Blocked - a group of forum violators. A group of people who have repeatedly violated the forum rules. They are deprived of all forum rights and cannot view it. The block can be temporary or permanent.

1.14. Special statuses for accounts that violated the rules of using the forum

1.15. Warning - The participant receives a warning from the moderator or administrator.

A warning may contain information about the violation and instructions on how to eliminate it.

1.16. Restricted Access - The violator may temporarily lose the right to create new topics, send private messages, or other privileges.

This is a measure aimed at preventing further violations.

1.17. Temporary Ban - A member may be temporarily banned from accessing the forum for a certain period.

This may be used in cases of serious violations that require temporary removal from the forum.

1.18. Post Nullification -The offender's posts may be deleted or blocked to eliminate the negative impact of his content.

1.19. Account Suspension - The violator's account may be frozen, which prevents any activity on the forum until the conflict is resolved.

1.20. Permanent Ban - Repeated or serious violations may result in a member being permanently banned, which means complete and permanent removal from the forum.

Used in extreme cases when other measures are ineffective or unsatisfactory.

User Registration

2.1. After confirming registration and agreeing to the Terms and Privacy Policy, the user is obliged to read the forum rules and follow them.

2.2. Registration and/or use of multiple accounts (multi-accounts) is prohibited. In case of violation, your accounts will be permanently banned. If you made a mistake or forgot your old account, please contact us. Exceptions at the administration discretion.

2.3. Is forbidden to use a nickname in any language or transliteration that contains:

2.3.1. violations of the norms of decency and morality (Hitler, Allah-akbar, Shokha, Pakhan, etc.)

2.3.2. profanity or offensive language

2.3.3. similarity with the other user and/or the Forum Team nickname

2.3.4. a link to a third-party site or commercial phrases

2.4. Is forbidden to share your personal account data to other people. In case of sharing/loss of account access, the owner is fully responsible for the actions committed by another person, and is also obliged to close all arbitrations directed in his direction from other users (if any).

3. Forum Restrictions

3.1. Communication

3.1.1. Is forbidden to offend forum members in any form (the manifestation of any rudeness, threats, personal insults and obscene statements, including in a hidden form, both in relation to legal entities and specific individuals).

3.1.2. Is forbidden to use the resource to disclose information constituting state or other secrets specially protected by law, to promote or justify extremism and terrorism, to call for the seizure of power, the violent change of the constitutional order and the integrity of the state, inciting national, class, social, religious intolerance or discord, to promote war, to disseminate information about the technology of manufacturing weapons, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices, as well as to promote pornography and post relevant materials on the resource, a cult of violence and cruelty, or call on the people to do something. Any topic containing calls for ethnic hatred, slander and insults of representatives of any nationality will be deleted without warning.

3.2. Posting:

3.2.1. Flood, overposting, offtopic and special increasing the message counter is prohibited. Also forbidden to leave useless and meaningless messages. The exceptions are in nodes where messages aren't counting into account.

3.2.2. Is forbidden to ask for or provide hidden contents in thread. All requests to provide hidden content must be sent through the private messaging system. If this function is not available, it means that hidden content cannot be provided. Exceptions are in giveaway nodes, where something can be given for each user individually.

3.2.3. Is forbidden to mention about sending a report to any user message in thread (For example: "report has been sent", quote the rules paragraphs).

3.2.4. Is forbidden to arrange a dialogue in threads through hidden content. We have a private messages system for this.

3.2.5. Is forbidden to use excessive message formatting (unreadable and/or large fonts, capital letters only, animation abuse, etc.)

3.3. Threads:

3.3.1. Is forbidden to create threads with titles that do not briefly explain its essence like: ”help”, ”problem”, “suggest” etc. Thread title should clearly reflect the content.

3.3.2. Is forbidden to bump thread using messages that do not carry: an important semantic load, other critically important changes in the service provided, etc. To do this, you need to publish the topic in the desired section at the top right.

3.3.3. Is forbidden to create threads asking for a debt or begging for money, game accounts, etc.

3.3.4. Is forbidden to create threads with a request to vote/send a report/cause offense etc. something or someone. People must learn from their mistakes.

3.3.5. Is forbidden to create fictitious contests/draws. In case if the prize does not match the description and the author does not issue a replacement, or the author refuses to issue the prize after the winner(s) has been selected, the author will be banned until the prize is issued to the winner(s).

3.3.6. Is forbidden to create threads on request. In case of ignoring this rule, the user is also responsible for the product/service, as well as the seller. If an arbitration is created for a user whose thread was created at the request, he is obliged to resolve it. Otherwise, this user will be banned.

3.3.7. Referral links, codes and systems in any form are prohibited, including pyramid schemes, network marketing and HYIP projects.

3.3.8. Is forbidden to delete thread content and/or change thread title after the thread has become irrelevant/the product or service has been sold.

3.3.9. Is forbidden to sell, post links to resources, publish manufacturing instructions, announcements and methods for obtaining free of charge or other references to drugs and other psychotropic substances.

3.3.10. Is forbidden to use file sharing service that have a limited file storage period. You may use the following services instead: AnonFiles, BayFiles, SendSpace, Yandex Disk, Google Drive, Mail.ru Cloud, Mega, etc.

3.3.11. Is forbidden to distribute potentially dangerous programs that are designed to spy on forum users, steal their data, etc.

3.3.12. Threads must be posted to the correctly selected nodes, posting in randomly selected sections is prohibited.

3.3.13. Is forbidden to create threads that duplicate those already posted. Duplicate information is considered to be information that does not differ in content or quality.

3.3.14. Is forbidden to create threads containing irrelevant earning ways/methods and other information, solely for the purpose of artificially increasing the message counter.

3.3.15. Is forbidden to create threads related to sports betting.

3.4. Sales

3.4.1. The seller is obliged to provide a detailed description and price of his products in the first thread post. The first thread post should be kept up to date throughout the sale. Otherwise, thread will be deleted.

3.4.2. Is forbidden to sell software from authors who have financial obligations to other users.

3.4.3. Is forbidden to buy/sell forum accounts. Exceptions only with the consent of the forum administration.

3.4.4. Is forbidden to publicly discuss the product price in thread.

3.4.5. A product/service review must contain proofs of your words, such as: conversation screenshots, transfer receipts, images of completed work.

These additional rules and offers in the sales threads that were invented by the sellers will not be accepted in arbitration under any pretext. The forum has only one rules and nothing else can override and expand them without the knowledge of the forum administration.

In order to terminate software support/provision of services to a specific user, the person providing the service (seller, coder) must have a good reason for this. Reasons include: unauthorized provision of access to the service to third parties (public publication of the project, transfer of software to reversers for the purpose of hacking, publication of a list of private proxies, changing the account password, etc.) and any other obstructions.

3.5. Software sales

3.5.1. Mandatory requirements for software distribution: All prices must be indicated in US Dollar currency. Specifying the software distribution method (one-time payment, regular payments when updates are released, or a subscription system). Specifying the real software author. Specifying the minimum period of support that is provided when purchasing software. Storing information about customers so that software licenses can be restored in case of loss. Providing support at a minimum level, which allows to use the software without technical software problems/unavailability due to the author, etc.

3.5.2. Is forbidden to change the conditions (paid updates, paid subscription) for already purchased software, unless it is specified when creating thread.

3.5.3. The seller is obliged to provide the product/service for verification by the forum team. The verification is currently being carried out at the initiative of the forum administration.

To terminate software support, you must be ready to provide the forum administration with its source code, in order to further publish it in the forum's open repository.

3.6. Advertising

3.6.1. Strictly prohibited spam, punishable by permanent ban. Forum services are an exception.

3.6.2. Is forbidden to advertise third-party websites of similar subjects, banners, links to them, etc. Threads created exclusively to advertise third-party resources are prohibited.

3.6.3. Is forbidden to advertise your store, and something that can be regarded as a store in posts, threads, signatures. Exception only for groups: Premium, Pro, Seller, and Forum Team.

3.6.4. Is forbidden to buy, sell anything or advertise your store/commercial thread in other people's threads.

3.7. Reputation system

3.7.1. Is forbidden to ask to give reactions and/or hints at asking for it, including requests to thank with the help via reactions.

3.7.2. Is forbidden to ask other users to increase your reputation.

3.7.3. Is forbidden to exchange reactions for goods, money, etc.

In case of violation, the administration has permission to reset the reputation in full or in part.

3.8. Hidden content system

3.8.1. Is forbidden to discuss the hidden content.

3.8.2. Is forbidden to leak or ask to view the hidden content. Discussion of information under a hide is allowed only if the message has the same hide criteria.

3.8.3. Is forbidden to sell your own hidden content. Exception only for groups: Premium, AH+, Legend, Expert, Experienced, Seller, Maecenas and Forum Team.

3.8.4. Is forbidden to abuse the hidden content criteria (i.e. set large criteria that only a few users can see), and selling it.

3.9. Privacy

3.9.1. Is forbidden to share personal data of other users without their knowledge. Such data includes links to profiles in social medias, photos, videos, passport and other data that allow you to uniquely identify the user. This rule does not apply in arbitration, if such data is necessary for an objective decision by the arbitrator. Any user can ask the administration to delete their personal data in case of their unauthorized placement.

3.10. Forum team

3.10.1. Excessive abuse of the report system is prohibited (sending meaningless reports because of an offense to someone, and winding up the number of reports). The report system is designed to help the forum team, if you see a lot of violations from a user - send a report to a user from user profile, not to each messages. Otherwise, you will be deprived of the "Report" button.

3.10.2. Any attempts to interfere with the administration activities or the normal forum operation (DDoS attacks, intentional exploitation of vulnerabilities, etc.) are prohibited.

3.10.3. Is forbidden to insult and publicly discuss the administration actions. A forum member who disagrees with the administration actions can express his disagreement using our support service.

3.11. Avatars

3.11.1. Is forbidden to use flashing animations.

3.11.2. Is forbidden: violence, threats (on a demographic, national, religious or political basis), images, the use of which some users may consider offensive (hurting their religious feelings - icons, images of saints, etc.), foul language (non-normative vocabulary, rudeness, etc.), debauchery (pornography), discrimination in any form, drug propaganda, commercial advertising and advertising texts, imitation of the titles of this resource, as well as provocative images, incl. Nazi symbols.

3.12. Signatures

3.12.1. Maximum allowable image resolution: 450x150 px.

3.12.2. Is forbidden to use flashing animations.

3.12.3. Is forbidden: violence, threats (on a demographic, national, religious or political basis), images, the use of which some users may consider offensive (hurting their religious feelings - icons, images of saints, etc.), foul language (non-normative vocabulary, rudeness, etc.), debauchery (pornography), discrimination in any form, drug propaganda, commercial advertising and advertising texts, imitation of the titles of this resource, as well as provocative images, incl. Nazi symbols.

3.13. Arbitration

3.13.1. Is forbidden to publish deliberately false applications and/or attempts to mislead the administration and the arbitrator during the consideration.

3.13.2. Abusive attitude/other manifestations of disrespect towards other participants, representatives of the administration and the arbitrator is prohibited.

3.13.3. When filing an application, the plaintiff must notify the defendant through conversation, including a link to the application filed. If there are claims against defendant regarding a long response to posted application, the arbitrator reserves permission to request a screenshot of this correspondence as evidence that the defendant was notified.

3.13.4. In case of filing an application with an unreasonable amount of the claim (increased at times) and if this fact is revealed, the arbitrator reserves permission to demand the difference in forum donations. For example, if the true amount of the claim is 100 USD, and the plaintiff requires 500 USD from the defendant, then the plaintiff will be required to transfer 400 USD rubles as donations to the forum. We remind you that non-pecuniary damage is always equal to zero, since it is not considered within the forum framework and cannot be compensated.

3.13.5. Application against an already banned user can only be filed within a period of up to two weeks from the ban date. If application is filled after this period, it will be deleted. If you have been deceived, you must fill application immediately and without delay. No application means no claim on your side.

4. Conclusion

4.1. The above rules are the only currently valid set of conditions that must be observed on the forum.adulthunters.com. The rules are binding on all users present on the forum. Site administrators, as persons who establish these rules, act at their own discretion.

4.2. Some forum sections may have additional rules that may complement, but not conflict with, these rules.

4.3. The forum administration is not responsible for the material placed here, because it is generated by users. The forum does not provide electronic versions of works, but only collects and catalogs links sent and published by our users. Be careful - everything that you download through the links posted on this forum - you download at your own risk, the administration is not responsible for possible damage and viruses that can be spread through this forum.

4.4. The administration reserves permission to edit and delete user messages if these messages do not meet the basic requirements and subject matter of this forum. The administration reserves permission to permanently ban or delete user accounts with no reason. In addition, the administration reserves permission to change these rules. In this case, forum users will be notified additionally.

4.5. Ignorance of the rules does not release the forum members from liability for their violations. These rules come into force from the moment of publication.