What is OnlyFans for?

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New Member
Jan 23, 2024
OnlyFans is a platform designed for people to earn money by creating and selling erotic or intimate content. Although there is adult content on the site, it is not the only type of content available. OnlyFans is one of the most current and popular platforms in this niche.

OnlyFans has an age restriction of 18+. To upload content, users must provide documentary proof of their legal age, such as a passport or driver's license.

You don't have to worry about the security of the content as all materials on the site are protected. Downloading videos or photos is not possible without payment. The process consists of the following steps:

The user selects the desired content and adds it to the "Cart" using the site's navigation.
The purchase is made, and access to the content is granted after successful payment.
Then the user can download the material by following the provided link.
OnlyFans also provides an opportunity for models to earn money. In addition to selling content, users can support their favorite content creators through donations or simply by viewing their content on the platform without downloading it.

The earnings of models on the OnlyFans platform partly depend on the number of subscribers to their account. Therefore, many models strive to publish more revealing content to attract a larger number of subscribers. This approach often works, but there are exceptions. Some users are willing to pay large amounts to see celebrities in revealing outfits, such as tight leggings.